Simpson Cross Community Centre is a Registered Charity in England & Wales, No: 1046468.  The community centre is a public space owned and operated by the charity for the use and benefit of the village and the wider community.


The land on which the centre sits was donated to the community in 1988 to be used as the site for a community centre and park with the hall being erected shortly after.  Abiding to the requirement to have an ‘agricultural building’ outer aspect, this ‘functional’ outside of the building disguises modern and comfortable facilities inside.

The community centre was later extend to provide windows and light to the rear and far side of the building overlooking the play area and field.

Through lack of  funding and use in recent years the hall had begun to fall into disrepair.  In 2015 a new committee was formed consisting of local residents and hall users.  With the hard work of this committee and the generosity of a few local groups and businesses, Simpson Cross Hall is now on the way to again being a vibrant and vital part of the community.

Special thanks must be given to SPPOT – a unique social enterprise based in Pembrokeshire, which aims to bring the needs of people together with the needs of dogs, through the provision of quality-driven training, volunteering opportunities, services and events.

Without the intervention of SPPOT and in particular Paul and Kerri Bee the downward spiral of the hall would have continued. It is through the hard work and determination of such people that the hall can now be used by Simpson Cross residents and the wider community.


The committee is  made up of local residents and hall users who and donate their time to ensure the successful running and management of the hall.   Regular committee meetings are held to decide the future of the centre and organise events for the whole community.

Despite the recent resurgence of the hall and park there are many  issues which take up valuable resources, funding, and time.  These include but are not limited to:

  • The general up-keep and maintenance of the hall and grounds.
  • The refurbishment of the park.
  • The on going maintenance and repair of the sewage system.
  • The on going maintenance of the heating system.

For more information, or if you are interested in getting involved please contact any of the committee members.